Sarjeant-Jenkins, Rachel


Rachel Sarjeant-Jenkins, B.A., M.L.I.S.
Assistant Dean (Client Services)

University of Saskatchewan Library, Room 122.1, Murray Library, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK S7N 5E5
Phone: 306.966.2449; Fax: 306.966.6040; Email:

My Research Interests:Joint-use libraries, library partnerships, marketing the academic library, customer service in academic libraries

Recent Submissions

  • Sarjeant-Jenkins, Rachel; Walker, Keith (2015-08-31)
    Uncovered in the course of a 2011 study looking at partnerships between academic and public libraries in Canada was a unique series of partnerships among a college library, public library, regional library system, and ...
  • Sarjeant-Jenkins, Rachel; Walker, Keith (2015-08-31)
    Based on experiences from two case study research projects, the authors provide a simple six-point checklist for other researchers developing community-based research projects.
  • Sarjeant-Jenkins, Rachel; Walker, Keith (2015-08-31)
    The research purpose was to learn about existing joint use public-academic libraries in Canada including their establishment, structure, benefits, and challenges and to determine the requirements for successful partnerships. ...
  • Sarjeant-Jenkins, Rachel (ALA (American Library Association), 2012)
    Purpose - The paper looks at the assumption that the captive audience of students and faculty lessens the need to market the academic library. The paper highlights the challenges experienced by academic libraries and ...
  • Rachel, Sarjeant-Jenkins; Keith, Walker (Aslib Press, 2011)
    Joint use school and public libraries have a long history in Canada and, particularly in rural Canada, many of these realtionships continue. The lanscape for public and academic libraries is significantly different. There ...