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  • Wendler, Enzo (2014-09-19)
    In this thesis, we use martingales to show that the dilation of a sequence of monotone convolutions $D_\frac{1}{b_n} (\mu_1 \triangleright \mu_2 \triangleright \cdots \triangleright \mu_n)$ is stable, where $\mu_j$ are ...
  • Eng, Jeremy (2014-09-17)
    By studying self-avoiding polygons (SAPs) in (L, M )-tubes (a tubular sublattice of the simple cubic lattice) as a sequence of 2-spans, transfer matrices can be used to obtain theoretical and numerical results for these ...
  • Rahman, Mohammad Masudur (2014-09-16)
    Studies show that software developers spend about 19% of their development time in web surfing. While collecting necessary information using traditional web search, they face several practical challenges. First, it does ...
  • Udey, Alexander (2014-09-16)
    Twenty full-scale unreinforced masonry walls were constructed and tested to failure in the Structures Laboratory at the University of Saskatchewan. The focus of the testing related to two primary objectives. The first ...
  • Kelln, Roanne D. (2014-09-16)
    Relatively few research efforts have focused on splice length requirements for reinforced masonry, despite the significant impact of these requirements on the safety, economy, and constructability of masonry walls. The ...